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Fighting against cholera

So a few weeks ago I wrote something concerning water and how it is our precious natural resource. Recently, there has been an outbreak of Cholera in Zambia specifically Lusaka, which has resulted in over 60 deaths countrywide. Now, cholera... Continue Reading →


Water : Our precious resource

Water is one of the most precious resources we have. Each and every human being has a right to clean water and adequate sanitation. Unfortunately, millions of people globally still do not have access to clean water. Globally, 31% of... Continue Reading →

My Tuesday Motivation

"Sometimes God doesn't give you what you  think you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve better."

Leave no child behind – The rights of children

“If the soul of a society can be judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable members, then by a similar measure, a society’s future, and its long term prospects for sustainable growth, stability and shared prosperity can be... Continue Reading →

No under 21- The issue of early marriages

Last week, I read an article that indicated that the Zambian Government is revising the marriage act, that will in turn raise the marriage consent age from 18 to 21. Of course this has sparked a lot of discussions, both... Continue Reading →

Unnecessary guilt

I remember back when I was in University how I always wanted to live s super "cool" life once I graduated. I honestly thought my life sucked, or maybe I was deceived by the perception of University life by the... Continue Reading →

Ruth Mubanga: Zambia’s first female chancellor

Early this morning as I was reading the daily mail newspaper, one story that definitely got my attention was that of Zambia's first female Chancellor. Ruth Mubanga aged 60 is the new chancellor of the University of Africa. She was... Continue Reading →

Happy Womens day

On the eve before the women's day, I had attended the Zambia women awards gala. I must say that I was inspired by the hard work our women are doing in our communities. Some of the stories the women shared... Continue Reading →

Lessons learnt

Hello friends. Am pretty sure I have not been around for way too long. Regardless, I hope all is going well with you. For me this year definitely begun on a good note. I finally graduated from University last month,... Continue Reading →

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