What is happiness????

What is happiness?  I mean your definition of happiness, not the dictionary or what the movies say happiness is. Many of us say we want to be happy, some of us say we are happy. But how do you know you are happy? Thats what I want to talk about today. Happiness isn’t defined by the books, happiness is dependent on oneself.  Others are happy when they are with friends and family, while others say they are happy when they achieve their goals. I believe happiness can be experienced in many ways, and due to many reasons.  But all in all happiness brings a great sense of contentment, gladness, intense joy and the most cherished feeling.
All of us want to be happy. Thats good no problem with that, but would you put your happiness before others happiness? Well, I will leave that to you.
What makes you happy?
Share some of the things that make you happy.
Lady Muwi

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