Why is the illiteracy rate in Zambia or some parts of the world high, especially among women ?


Of course there many reasons for this, but from my little experience and research i found a few. Some of these include:

1. Some pupils especially in rural areas have there schools located very far from their homes and for this reason, you find most don’t go to school. For those who manage to go, they have to walk hours just to get to school.

2. Early marriages, indeed it is good to see that our government and other well wishers are indeed against early marriage. Though this is a good move, many out there regardless have had to stop school to get married. And for those especially who have grown up in rural areas and barely have a choice or say against it, education for them may not be possible.

3. Others have basically no interest in education! Seriously, i have met people who say they don’t need an education to succeed. This is not uncommon especially in areas where the sole providers of the home have not attained any form of education but still manage to provide. The young ones then assume as long as one can perform any labor they can offer as service, education is not necessary.

4. And yes, others just have had no opportunity to an education. I met a little girl who was so keen in  going to school but the area she lives in does not have any. Her parents don’t see it necessary for her to go to school. This broke my heart and what made it worse is that i could in no way help her. I feel guilty every day but every time I hear of someone i know can help her, i always share her story in the hope someone can help her.

I am one lady passionate about girl child education, i totally believe everyone, male or female have a right to a proper education. Lets share more on what are the causes of illiteracy and what we are doing to promote girl child education. The first step towards change and promoting change all begins with me. Together we can make our community a better place.

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