Greatness knows no background

Having grown up in a society were previously women have  not be give equal rights to men especially in the area of education and leadership, it is a blessing seeing women rising to top spots of leadership. But i want to focus on greatness. Does one’s greatness depend on one’s background or experience? My answer is definitely no. We know of a lot of people in society who started from nothing and are today among the most respected people.

Regardless of our backgrounds, we should forge ahead with our plans. Obviously the path to reaching greatness is not easy, but I believe it is the struggle to getting to your destination that makes it even sweeter. Greatness isn’t defined by us, but those in our society who have seen you inspire a nation and risen to the top amidst trials and heartache. One I may consider great may not be great to you. So what therefore is your definition of greatness?

So who do i consider the greatest? Many. The women who juggle between raising a family as a single parent and then still be able to put food on her kids table and take them to school. The late nights work and early mornings, juggling between two jobs and yet she still tries to attain an education, for such women I say respect. For the woman who does not give up even when her family disregards her and she is left with no one but herself. The men who sacrifice there happiness just for that of his family, the man who ensures his family has food, water and an education. and the man who dare not lay a hand on her he calls his wife, such a man is one who inspires a generation of good men. The kids who raise there siblings because they have no one else to lean on and still manage to put food on the table and take there siblings to school while he or she works, again I say Respect and you are my definition of a Hero. Obviously the list goes on, but for now this is it.

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