I remember the very first time I fell in love. Something I never thought would happen to me. Just a small town girl who fell in love with this tall handsome but amazingly mean guy, but of course having been so in love I never saw any flaws.

The very first time he spoke to me, I was so uninterested because it was still my first year at university and I told myself No boys. But he was such a persistent guy, and something about his persistence made me slowly like him. He loved to talk about his mum and I could see he was a mummy’s boy but it was adorable. Because we were in the same class he would once in a while help me with some assignments, and this is what made me think well he is not so bad after all, during our discussions he would always ensure I do most of the work as he believed that I could do it and said he wanted me not to be dependent on someone else. He was such a good listener, well I love to talk and he would listen to me go on and on, and even after some time he would still remember the small little things I liked or hated. And because of this not a day would go by without talking to him. Me seeing him became  the most fun part of my day. We would have small adventures of our own, study together, cook together and go to class together. He was the only person obviously apart from my parents who knew what to do when am sad, and even when all my friends left me he still stood by me. We respected each other though we had our differences we would easily get over them.

I actually thought well, he may be the one for me, because I trusted him and loved him. But well as the saying goes, not everything that glitters is gold. After being together for 14 months, the guy I thought was my Prince in shining Armour, my friend and my partner became the guy who shattered my heart into pieces. All this time he was playing with my heart, the time I thought was the best time of my life slowly turned into just a mere moment lost in time. The person I thought I trusted became my heart breaker and all that joy and love I had would slowly turn into hate and anger. The person I thought actually understood me and respected me had just been lie.

I have never been so angry as back then, but with time comes healing and even though I may never forget what he did to me, I forgave him, because forgiveness is actually setting yourself free and allowing yourself to move on. I became so angry at all guys and hated most with a passion, just because of one simple guys mistake. But one way or another I had to move on, even if it took me two years to get over him.

And today here I am, stronger than I was years ago.

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