Around the World


The world is a beautiful place. Even amidst disasters and natural calamity, beauty still remains in nature. This week I asked some of my classmates where they would love to travel to. These are some of the responses I got:

The places I really want to visit are; Spain, China, France, USA and New Zealand. ~ S.M

The must see places for me are : France, Japan, Australia, Mexico and  Kenya ~ J.K

Definitely Italy, Mauritius, Australia and Israel ~ P.N

I want to travel the world but my top five definitely would be Spain, France, Korea, Kenya and Brazil. ~T.M

Obviously The USA, New Zealand, Russia , Namibia and Saudi Arabia.


All the places listed above are obviously amazing places, though I have not been to any, I do hope to travel around the world. My list of places is really long, but before I can explore other parts of the world, I have decided to embark on a journey around my Country Zambia. I believe my country is beautiful, and for me to have even more appreciation for it, I want to explore it further, all or at least most of the parts of it. To see the beauty that lies beyond my hometown, then can I explore the world; to learn about  different people, their cultures and beliefs and most of all appreciate the beauty and wonders that lie within their gates.

After all, life is a journey. Make the best of it, do what makes you happy and at the end of it all, BE YOU.

Have a lovely day.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Short and beautiful article, good stuff


  2. kutukamus says:

    Then may these wishes of yours
    From Zambia to the world across
    Someday do come true 🙂


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