Internet Freedom?

Today so much information is readily available on the internet. News, books, food and architecture  information are available online. Though information is readily available, it is important that the information we get online comes from a trusted source, especially critical information such as health, banking,academic e.t.c.

It is indeed sad to see that some people are making wrong use of internet freedom. It is indeed right that we all have a right to freedom of speech and even opinion. There is so much hate speech that goes on in the online world, others find joy in the suffering of others. Social media platforms are a good way to share your views and indeed the opinions  of others. I have followed multiple people who have expressed their views that are against that of the “normal” trend. People need to be able to have their voices heard, but this should not allow them to degrade others who do not approve of their opinions. When used right, online platforms can be used to bring out debates that affect a certain community, people can share the positive and also negative happenings in their environment. Whatever views are expressed online need to be that which do not cause any harm (physical, mental or even emotional). It is also important to note that not everyone will respect your views, thus rather than violence,hate speech or cyber bullying as a solution; proper dialogue should be brought it. Hate speech, cyber bullying and violence does not solve anything, it only brings more hate and hurt. Thus we need to stop cyber bullying and hate speech. It is wrong in all kinds of ways and should not be tolerated. Disagreements must be handled in a proper way. Your voice your opinion, my voice my opinion all working together to improve our communities.


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