Am back. Well over the past few months have been so occupied with school, but these are my final months in University so I have to enjoy these. Now that I have thought about it, I will definitely miss Uni. So this moth, so far has been amazing for me. And I thank God for giving me this amazing journey I have had.I have made huge progress in the project am working on and am proud of myself. My young Sister found a job, yes am happy because now I don’t have to send her credit everyday, and may be she can start taking me out for lunch.  And I got to go home.

I had gone home for about a week, and I just realized that there is no greater feeling than being home. Being home has a way of making me relaxed and at ease, even when I know I have assignments due. The best part of being home is seeing my Mom happy. The stories we share together, the late nights, early mornings, the drama all make me at peace. And being around people you love, makes me realize that it’s the little things that make me happy

I have learnt to appreciate all the little things in my life, and am grateful for all I have. Be grateful for all that you have, there is somebody out there with happy with less than what you have. Blessed day!



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