Say hello to goodbye

Its amazing how time has gone by so quickly, but it has been a good year. Of course not all of my wishes or goals have been achieved but 2016 has helped me grow. There are some things I would have loved to do which I have not, but anyways I still have a few weeks of trying to convince myself I can do it then finally say well I can put them on 2017 to do list.

There are some things you can’t change in life and that’s okay. One thing I definitely learnt this year is that you cant please everybody and that’s fine. Be you, do you and make yourself proud.

So even as the year ends, make sure you don’t end it with regrets.  Be ready for 2017 even as it approaches, yes tomorrow may not be guaranteed but we need to look forward to something, something that will drive us to work hard to get that dream car, drive us to save enough money for that vacation you have always wanted. It’s never wrong to want or look forward to something. What’s important is what our wants or wishes drive us to do in order to achieve them. If our dreams push us to do wrong, maybe that want isn’t good for us. A blessing never causes one to sin or lead them to sin.

Get ready to say hello to goodbye 2016.


Lots of Love

Lady Muwi

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