Lessons learnt

Hello friends.

Am pretty sure I have not been around for way too long. Regardless, I hope all is going well with you. For me this year definitely begun on a good note. I finally graduated from University last month, and I must say there is no greater joy than realizing that you made it.(Pictures will definitely be shared eventually) And I definitely thank God for his mercies and goodness.

I would like to write about some of my experiences at University. To start with, after my first year exams, I thought I was never going to make it. I was in the same class with some of the brightest people in our country, and I couldn’t even come close to what they were. After getting my first physics test, believe me you, the little hope I had completely disappeared. Each an every day was a struggle, I felt I wasn’t doing enough, along with some sleepless nights and poor diet, my grades still didn’t improve. After our first semester exams, I was surprised, actually surprised is an understatement, I was shocked. I could not believe that I had made it to the second semester. This is when I realized that I was not so bad after all and that I had all along forgot to believe in myself.

The second semester went on by just well, I continued doing my best. But one thing I realized was that I always compared myself to others, which was a problem. One truth is that their will always be someone who is better than you at something, even more good looking or fitter than you, but their will be no one like you. We are all unique in our own ways, we all have our flaws and perfections and that is alright. With my continued persistence and determination I made it through the second semester and to second year as well.

Some of the lessons I learnt in my first year were:

  • Believe in yourself even when no one else does.
  • Never compare yourself with others. Your weakness might be one’s strength. And yes it’s alright even if someone does something better than you. Life isn’t a competition.
  • Manage your time wisely, and make every second count.
  • Know what you want, that way you find it easier to do what you have to in order to reach your goal.
  • Never pretend to know it all, hahaha I have my share of funny experiences with trying to be miss know it all. there is no harm in not knowing everything.
  • Most importantly, put God first in everything you do.


All in all, have fun doing what you love. Be a better you for you. Remember, do not downgrade your dream just to fit your reality, instead upgrade your conviction to match your destination.

Lots of Love,

Lady Muwi.


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