Happy Womens day

On the eve before the women’s day, I had attended the Zambia women awards gala. I must say that I was inspired by the hard work our women are doing in our communities. Some of the stories the women shared brought tears to my eyes. (Yes i was  a little emotional or maybe overjoyed).  Another important thing I noticed was that the awards were given to women in farming,education, arts & culture, community service, diverse awards and even brought people from outside Lusaka.

I would like to recognize the women in rural areas as well. The women who walk many kilometers to visit health care centers, the women who walk many kilometers just to fetch water for their families, the women who work all day in harsh conditions  to provide food for the children back home, the teachers in rural areas who have to tend to over a 100 children in a single class, the healthcare providers who help deliver children under incondusive environment. The list is endless.  Indeed the work that women are doing is huge and we are indeed forever grateful. To them we salute for all their hard work and persistence.

To that young girl that may feel all hope is lost, inspiration is all around us. Indeed there is no force more powerful than a determined woman. I have seen women who sell tomatoes and onions on the street manage to take their children to school and have them complete there education. It is okay to dream, just as long as you get up and work towards that dream. Failure is not a reason to stop trying , it is actually a reminder that you should keep going.

So here’s to the woman who knows where she is going, and will keep on until she gets there, who shows her care with a word of support, her understanding with a smile and a woman who brings joy to others just by being herself..

Happy womens day to all the women out there. (Or maybe happy belated womens day)


























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