Ruth Mubanga: Zambia’s first female chancellor

Early this morning as I was reading the daily mail newspaper, one story that definitely got my attention was that of Zambia’s first female Chancellor. Ruth Mubanga aged 60 is the new chancellor of the University of Africa. She was born in Lundazi in the eastern province of Zambia. She started her primary education at Woodlands A primary school in Lusaka and there after attended St. Monica’s secondary school in Chipata. After successful completion of her secondary school, she later went on and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Zambia. She later obtained a Master’s in Education at Southampton University, United Kingdom. Ruth also holds a postgraduate diploma from the University of Leeds. among her other academic qualifications.

Ruth says the task is not only to impart knowledge to young people but also to give them an opportunity to create their own knowledge.

We can only wish her the very best in her endeavors and of course she has definitely inspired many girls and women out there.


Lady Muwi


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