Unnecessary guilt


I remember back when I was in University how I always wanted to live s super “cool” life once I graduated. I honestly thought my life sucked, or maybe I was deceived by the perception of University life by the movies. You know how in the movies, the students have this presumably  “awesome”  life style where they get to party all weekend, sleep through class e.t.c?? Well I never had such an experience. First year was pretty much all about making sure am on top of my studies, by the end of first year I was so exhausted all I wanted was to be home and rest.  When I finally got to final year, I assumed, well this is my last year and I ought to enjoy my last days. And I believe I did. Still, I felt I was not cool enough, because for me a great weekend was chilling with my friends or great food accompanied by a movie in my room (in my pj’s of course). For me though it may have seemed boring, made me happy and comfortable.

Yesterday, me and a colleague had a discussion over how seemingly “boring” our lives are. This did get me thinking. Does it really matter what I do or do not do? What is the definition of boring and fun? I honestly feel that it really does not matter.  If what you do does make you happy, go ahead. I also realized that there is no point in comparing your life to that of others. I have heard many people say that you will always find someone more prettier than you or better at something than you. We all have our different versions of what makes us happy, and I say do what makes you happy. Society should not dictate what should make you happy or not. In the midst of our busy lives, always find time to do that which excites you ( and maybe that which scares you). At the end of it, when you realize whats important and whats not, You will realize and appreciate how far you have come and grown as a person. Don’t forget to smile and be proud of the person you have fought to become.



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  1. So relatable! I even dislike being asked what I do for fun because my answers always attract follow-up questions on why “that” is fun.

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  2. Lady Muwi says:

    Exactly. In the end, just do what makes you happy.


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