Kick starting my career : my expectations vs reality


When I was in University, I looked forward to graduating and finding a job. Luckily, I was able to find something shortly after my graduation and my goodness was I glad to get into the corporate world.

Being in the “actual” world, I realized that there was and is more to what we learn in school. The practical experience especially in Zambia is slightly different from what we learn. When I started out, I was in a department doing something I enjoyed and of course had studied. But as the months went by, I found myself in a totally different department. For me this was so frustrating as I thought that the company was taking advantage of me due to my inexperience and being a recent graduate. The extra responsibilities I was given seemed irrelevant to my “career goals”. I found myself doing things I had underestimated, in that I thought they were unimportant. Having being so uncomfortable with were I was, I decided to speak to a few people I knew had done well for themselves in the corporate world.

All the people I talked too had something in common. They told me that in our journey especially in the corporate world, things do not go the way we plan them or worse still you do not always end up where you want to be . Instead use each opportunity, irrelevant as they may seem to elevate and expand your skill set. There is no harm in learning skills that are totally different to what you studied or have set out for your career.


For some starting out in our career can be so frustrating, whether in the corporate world or in your business. But a lesson I have learned is to appreciate every stage and take each phase regardless of the experience as a learning phase. I am  doing some of the work I love and the most of the work I “never intended” to do and taking each day as it comes. After all, whats the harm in learning a new skill. I still face challenges with the new things am learning and yes it does get frustrating, but am learning to learn to appreciate every step of my growth in my career. So today, do not be afraid to learn and grow, always doing your best.


Sometimes you find out what you are supposed to be doing by doing the things you are not supposed to do.

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